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Fast Supplier On-boarding and Catalog Management

Supplier Enablement

We provide supplier on-boarding assistance for your organization so that you an focus more on the procurement and sourcing functions rather than investing your valuable time on connecting with your suppliers electronically. This service includes the following activities:

  • Communication Management

  • Relationship establishment

  • Collaboration and Integration assistance.

  • Training

  • Testing

  • Release assistance

We assist with new and ongoing activities with suppliers to integrate their backend system with your procurement system so that all transactions are seamless and error free. 

  • PO Flip

  • CXML Integration

  • EDI Integration

  • Other


Catalog Enablement

We work with your SAP Ariba reps to cleans and activate new catalogs as they arise on a regular basis. We diligently address pricing changes and or system issues related to catalogs or Guided Buying.

  • Punchout Enablement

  • CIF

  • CXML

  • CDF

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