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Contract Management and Compliance

Whether you're need to improve your existing contracting process or need assistance with building one from scratch using the best practices, Kash Solutions offers the knowledge to help stream line the process for you using the SAP Ariba Contract Management solution. We analyze your data and process and develop a solution that's adaptable, scalable and consistent with best practices across the top global organizations in the world.

Contracting Process Build 

With our breadth of knowledge in all the following areas and more we can plan, execute and deliver a complete contracting process for you.

  • Master Data analysis

  • Template Design

  • Legacy Contract Repository and Data Cleansing

  • Clause Library

  • Report generation

  • Training

  • Testing

  • Deployment

Contract Compliance

After negotiations are completed, it is imperative to audit price terms and discounts from purchases. However, it is a cumbersome process and requires countless hours of analysis and reporting to ensure the supplier pricing on purchases is accurate. SAP Ariba solves this with the compliance tool. This tool plugs directly into the purchasing module and receives price terms and discount data from your contracting process to ensure compliance of the negotiated terms. We will analyze your contract based spend and build the compliance process within the template design to better streamline it and enforce it on your purchases. This process provides the ultimate savings and ensuring your organization is meeting it's savings goals. 

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